Freezing the world into blocks!!!

So, who are Block-b??

A while ago ALLKPOP stated that,

Cho PD  revealed that he will be spending over $1.4 million USD to create and nurture a new seven-member hip hop group through his “Creating Korea’s Eminem Project.”

Cho PD stated on February 16th, “I won’t be creating artists who will copy Eminem, but artists who will give as much musical and social influence as Eminem. The industry has yet to see an artist who has correctly utilized the strongest point about rap, which is delivering messages to the listeners. I believe now is the time carry out a new venture in the already difficult Korean music industry.”

The new group will be named “Block B“, and its comprised of members who have been developing their craft with support from underground rappers; they’ve also received training for choreography. Interestingly enough, other hip hop artists have also been mentoring these trainees, including Verbal Jint, Skull, and Rhymer.

Cho PD expressed, “Introducing underground and public activities into their training is something that has never been done in a popular music industry where trained singers and indie groups have polarized. They will be a group that will satisfy both musically and popularity-wise.” ‘


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