Freezing the world into blocks!!!

Block B on M! Countdown


Block B debuts on M! Countdown with ‘Freeze’.

Cho PD expressed his dissatisfaction of Block B’s performance being cut down and disappointing the BBC’s (Block B fans). From the video, it can clearly be seen that a part of the chorus itself has been cut.  I think that repeating the main lines TWICE is what makes this song different. Also, this song begins with Zico singing/saying a few lines, which form a strong basis for the song to proceed as his voice is very unique and can have a huge effect on the listeners. And, yes this part has been cut as well. I guess a few highlights of the song have been cut, which are exactly the things that made me love this song. I am not sure if other famous Kpop bands debut performances have been cut as well (I don’t think so). However, cutting it TWICE in a row is not fair. Music shows should support new groups, not discourage them.


Comments on: "Block B on M! Countdown" (2)

  1. KissMeYunhak said:

    I agree, they should let rookies perform their whole song, you can clearly see that these music shows are biased as they let some of the rookies performing their whole song and even get them extra time to perform a second song (example Apink).

    It’s disgusting, it should be the same for everyone.

    • freda123 said:

      yeah right….they gave x-5 extra time to perform another song other than their title track and they let b1a4 perform their whole song with no cuts…they should be fair to all rookie groups…

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