Freezing the world into blocks!!!

Music Bank:

I feel really happy that they got to perform their complete 3 minutes. However, they got cut on…

Music Core:

Another rookie group, B1A4 debuted on music core on the same day as Block B and got to perform their COMPLETE song without any cuts. I don’t really get why Block B is constantly being cut. Does the company need to bribe the stations?…I mean they are the only new group that are being cut. I don’t really hate the other group B1A4, but Block B are equally talented and I guess they have been through comparatively harder circumstances, such as Jaehyo could have been part of B2ST. Because of his injury he couldn’t. Seriously, after reading the AllKpop article ( describing their obstacles, I don’t want them to face anymore challenges. Adding a minute to a music program does not cost a lot.


Comments on: "Block B performs on Music bank and Music core…" (2)

  1. First off,
    Thank you for making this blog for Block B :0! I want to hear/see them perform their whole song. It’s not fair that B1A4 (I have nothing against them, they just don’t catch my attention) got to perform longer. If it really is because their rookies that their songs got cut down then B1A4 songs should have too. :/
    I wish one day that they will be able to perform their complete song in every music program.
    I’m happy/ thankful that Music Bank let them perform the whole song!

  2. Thank you..really informative!!

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