Freezing the world into blocks!!!

I remember I made this blog back when Block B debuted, to promote them. It was during the time period when us limited number of BBCs commented nonstop on allkpop Block B articles to make them into the most popular list. Ah.. Good Times. Later, I joined the Block B international forum last summer and made some amazing BBC friends, which drifted me away from this blog. I realized that BBCs are one of the most cool headed fans ever. We knew that our idols weren’t that popular in Korea but that wasn’t the issue at all. We loved Block B for their music and quirky personalities. Thanks to MTV’s Match Up we were hooked. That chat box in the forum was my daily addiction. Tell me was an OK song, but you know Block B’s rest of the album is almost always better than their MV song. Cho PD loves trolling with those comeback teasers.

And then NANRINA dropped. This felt like the time we all knew Block B is gonna go big and they did. Their increased appearances on TV shows and less cuts on live performances was a time to rejoice. But however, the worst part came – the Thailand Interview. It was  unfortunate that not only were they misunderstood but also had to go through such a HUGE crisis as rookies. No one knew how to deal with it. All those threats, death petitions and really vulgar comments in the korean-online community was getting out of hand. I remember I read some comments that translated into ‘they should through themselves off cliffs and no one would care anyways because they are so unknown’, ‘They should cut off their *****’ and even worse things. It felt so sad reading them. Imagine how much more worse Block B felt reading them especially P.O. He was hospitalized. He was still a teenager and he doesn’t deserve so much hate, no one does. Block B apologized in every way possible. Zico shaved his head. What else do people want? Nothing could satisfy them because they were just a bunch of Korean teenagers, stressed over their lives, who decided to hate on Block B so much to make themselves feel better about their lives. Yup that’s how the society is. Its not just Korea, remember what we did to Rebecca Black? Cyber-bullying is just bad.

Gradually as time passed, we all moved on. That’s what we do as humans and so did Block B. It was the Gangnam Style phase. Every kpop fan was happy till the world started to overdo it and it got annoying. The stupid world always does that. Anyways, it was time for Block B’s comeback already. Everyone was watching them this time around.

Block B dropped NILILI MAMBO. It was THE bomb. Once you watched that MV and listened to that album, you would know they were gonna become HUGE, which they did this time. In the number of registered fans in Korean fan cafes list, they are just below 2NE1. That’s a big thing. Though they seemed to be careful this time on TV shows at the beginning, they couldn’t and that’s the charm we all fell for. I am happy that they are finally on a path that will only lead them to success. Good Luck Block B.

The reason why I am today is because I found out I just hit 50,000 unique visitors. Thank you guys. I seemed to have accomplished what I initially wanted through this blog. But should I come back and continue with it because it seems that the story of Block B has just begun…


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  1. What’s the status with the lawsuit? Are they getting paid at all?

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